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Discover the vision behind Erickson Coaching International with its Founder and President – Marilyn Atkinson

World Game Antalya 2019

Once a year, Erickson hosts its annual coach training Faculty Meeting, a gathering of facilitators from across the globe to discuss Erickson’s future growth, new findings in neuroscience and human development, and the improvement and refinement of our flagship coach training programme – The Art & Science of Coaching.

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Inspire transformational changes in other people as a coach

Learn what Solution-Focused Coaching is and isn’t!

  • How does coaching compare with counselling, consulting, and mentoring?
  • See the skillsets you need to become a coach
  • Map your journey to professional coaching
  • See the measurable benefits of a coaching career

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Bring transformation and change to your team and organisation

Learn what Solution-Focused Coaching can do for team performance and company culture!

  • Find out the reasons why coaching skills are important for company growth
  • Find out how top performing leaders use coaching training to benefit teams and companies
  • See how organisations retain the best staff with coaching

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