5 Coaching Video Demonstrations With Marilyn Atkinson

To introduce you to the world of professional coaching, we are happy to share with you real coach training videos in which Marilyn Atkinson, founder of Erickson Coaching International, will show you how coaches help others achieve their goals and create powerful shifts unavailable to their coaching clients before.

What is Solution-Focused Coach Position?

Watch Erickson founder, Marilyn Atkinson, discuss one of the vital fundamentals of coaching – Coach Position.

Some of the greatest teachers of consciousness have discovered a tool that allows people to grow their muscle of consciousness. How can coaches practice using this tool to help their clients exercise and grow their consciousness?

Taking Coach Position means searching for the most expanded framework and the deepest center of inner truth from which to explore what is going on in a client’s life. In other words, coach position is always moving, always wider than, yet central to, seeing the whole landscape.

Coaching Effective Thinking – Part I

How does coaching build effective thinking?

A core idea of coaching is the mind-brain organization system. As coaches, we do not get into the content of peoples ideas, we assist them to think through their ideas more effectively, aiding them in the process of achieving their goals.

How do coaches organize the thought process to assist others in effective thinking? Watch Erickson founder, Marilyn Atkinson, discuss one of the core tools of coaching – The Logical Levels.

Coaching Effective Thinking – Part II

As a coaching process, the Logical Levels can be explored “top-down” or “bottom-up”.

Coaching from “top-down” can provide the greatest impact for reorganizing the internal hierarchy of a coachee, and integrating his or her levels of experience. The “bottom-up” approach may be used occasionally for building clarity on a well-established project or as an exploration of specific areas as already determined.

How do coaches organize the thought process to assist others in effective thinking? Watch Erickson founder, Marilyn Atkinson, discuss the process of using the Logical Levels in a coaching session.

The Neuroscience of Achieving Goals – Part I

Effective coaching empowers people to take the insights, discovery, and resources of the coaching session and move it into action! Understanding the roles of the left and right brain, and their influence on our Holistic Mind, allows coaches to ask the powerful questions that ignite and crystallize our desired vision or goal (right brain), leading to the action steps (left brain) that will best support us in reaching that vision

We also have an incredible ability to integrate theses systems and grow our abilities through the brain’s neuroplasticity.

As we understand them better, we come to recognize these systems in operation and become a more effective coach.

In this video, Erickson founder, Marilyn Atkinson, describes how ideas are filtered through the brain between the visionary right brain and logical left brain.

The Neuroscience of Achieving Goals – Part II

How to we utilize the power of neuroscience to assist a coachee to achieve their goals? The key to unlocking this power is understanding the functions of our three brain systems.

Coaching is about amplifying a person’s choices and making inner resources available. Learning the true operations of our amazing visual-logical right brain system and our integrative capabilities offers powerful possibilities in Solution-Focused coaching.

Understanding this system allows coaches to assist in opening possibilities far beyond a person’s old beliefs in personal limitation.

In this video, Erickson founder, Marilyn Atkinson, explains how the right brain assists decision-making capacity to grow, allowing a coachee to experience renewed flexibility and choice.

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