The Art & Science


Whether you are an individual looking to become a professional, life or executive coach, or you are looking to advance professionally, the world-renowned The Art & Science of Coaching course will help you to succeed.

Erickson’s program offers you the opportunity to study to be an ICF-Accredited coach as an ACC or a PCC accredited coach.  The program is structured to equip you with the most comprehensive coaching skills and opportunities to succeed.

Curriculum breakdown

The Art & Science of Coaching program consists of two courses, The Essentials Course and The Advanced Course. Each course consists of two parts.

The Essentials Course Part 1 – Inspiration

Skills and approaches organized around the core
essential question: “What do you want?”

This covers the essential coach mindset, the elements that form a coaching relationship, Erickson’s Coach Position, and the step-by step process of Erickson’s Coaching Arrow. In Part 1, the emphasis is shifting from problem oriented to Solution-Focused.

The Essentials Course Part 2 – Implementation

Skills and approaches organized around the core
essential question: “How might you accomplish it?”

This has an additional focus on implementation and execution of the desired outcome. This part provides an improved relationship with strategizing, planning, prioritizing and using time effectively.

The Advanced Course Part 1 – Integration

Skills and approaches organized around the core
essential question: “Why is that important to you?”

In this part , we advance our coaching by developing the skill to uncover the client unique motivational structures. We deepen our ability to handle and overcome objections. We also leverage the power of values in enabling commitment and follow through.

The Advanced Course Part 2 – Completion

Skills and approaches organized around the core essential question: “How would you know you’ve achieved it?”

In this part, we focus on how people experience success. We move through completion, including testing of skills and competencies in which the topics of all Parts fall into place to complete the bigger picture of integrated Solution-Focused Coaching

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Deciding to become a credible, qualified
coach is a considerable investment in yourself.

You’re embracing a role in which you can support others
in reaching their potential- what could be more rewarding? Once you’ve made the decision, the next step is to select the institute from which you will receive professional training.

To assist you in making the right decision for your unique
needs, we have broken down 8 important questions you should consider when choosing a coach training provider to partner with.

With an Erickson Qualification


A world-renowned and respected certification. 50,000 Erickson graduates can’t be wrong. 85 countries, 12 languages and classes worldwide

An understanding of the neuroscience of change and outstanding skills, techniques and competencies to help others reach their full potential

A global network of fellow coaches to keep you on your journey and support you all the way…(and they will become some of your best friends)

An ICF accredited certificate to practice as a coach, plus ongoing opportunities to learn as part of Erickson’s Graduate Academy, ERICKSON +

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