Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions regarding coach training

Why do people want to be coaches?
A lot of people do Module 1 which is The Art & Science of Coaching for their own personal development. More and more companies are expecting their staff management and HR (Human Resources) department to complete a coaching course to improve their interpersonal communication skills and increase their professional development. Some companies want to bring coaching into their work environment and provide staff coaching in-house.

Others aspire to leave their 9-5 jobs and become professional coaches. They may want to specialise in a specific niche and get ICF certification (ACC, PCC and MCC level) to make them professional and certified.

I am not sure what kind of coach I want to become
A vast majority of newly qualified coaches decide their niche toward the end of their training. While you do your practice coaching sessions with clients and peers, you will then get a feel for your preferred niche and go from there.

Can I actually earn a living as a coach?
Yes, you can earn a very good income as a coach. However, it’s largely down to your tenacity in putting yourself out there to build a business and network of people, talking to them about what you do.

Can you provide coaching clients for me?
We do not provide coaching clients for you during your training. However, Erickson will provide you with ample opportunities to practice on your peers and fellow classmates to boost your confidence and get you in the mindset to start building your client base. If you require training specifically to build your coaching business, we can offer a business building course through our Erickson Business Center.

ICF Certification Related Questions

What is the ICF?
ICF stands for International Coach Federation. It is a global organisation where the mission is to regulate the coaching body to ensure a high standard of quality and ethics in coaching training and coaches’ core competencies of a professional calibre. The International Coach Federation is highly regarded and ensures accountability to both clients and the coaching professional. Coaches and coaching schools that show ICF accreditation certificates show cast iron proof of their expertise in coaching, in both knowledge and technique, and the ongoing commitment to excellence. Erickson’s Art & Science of Coaching program and most of our other coaching development courses are accredited by the ICF.

What skills will I be learning?
By enrolling in The Art & Science of Coaching you will acquire a firm foundation in the theory and practice of Solution-Focused coaching.

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