Building a healing cycle

The ICF’s 2016 Report says, 54% of managers and leaders within organisations use coaching techniques.

 Offered as a 3-day course on-site or for 7 weeks online (one session/week)

Erickson’s first course specifically oriented at health coach training meets current high demands to support people in creating healthy mind-body interactions that assist the prevention of chronic disorders and empower healing processes. Research shows that integrating inner healing patterns into everyday mind and body habits support physical and mental health and increases the inner perception of well-being.

Through taking the program Building a Healing Cycle, an integral part of The Art & Science of Health Coaching program, you will develop a solid foundation in the theory and practice of solution-focused coaching for building a healing cycle. Fulfill your purpose to help others realize their potential to advance their mental and physical health and develop your mastery to empower those facing health challenges to live to the fullest and to take actions that align with their bigger vision. By taking the course you will be empowered to assist people to move beyond their current challenges, stress, and trauma, build resourcefulness and master sustainable healing processes supporting long-term health and wellbeing. This is particularly relevant in the current COVID-19 pandemic. 2

Who this is for?

This course is for people wanting to develop a coaching niche within healthcare, and/or health-promoting behavior practitioners or facilitators, and/or life-long learners that are wanting to advance their mental and physical health and broaden the way they experience their inner healing potential. The course is designed to foster ongoing development to increase health and wellness. It is for helping professions and for coaches wanting to develop multifaceted approaches in serving others towards better health and wellness.

Continuing Coaching Education Accreditation

This course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 24 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) units (21 Core Competencies, 3 Resource Development).

The course is a part of the Art & Science of Health Coaching program that leads to the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification by the International Coach Federation (the ACSTH Path).

Why Building a Healing Cycle?

Current medical research suggests that chronic conditions may be seen as a whole-body systems problem in which the healing system is blocked. Therefore, unblocking and supporting the healing potential is the key to the prevention of chronic conditions and to maintaining strong health in the long run.

This course explores how to advance the many levels of own healing potential. It incorporates the latest findings within medical science. Recognizing personal aims, experiencing life purpose, exploring creative strategies and choices about future actions are key components on the path to health.

Benefits of Building a Healing Cycle for Coaches:

  • Deepen and expand your commitment to your coaching practice and clients within the health coaching niche
  • Widen your coaching knowledge and skillset from the perspective of modern medical science
  • Learn and practice key coaching competencies that lead to transformational conversations supporting health and wellbeing
  • Understand how to integrate the latest findings of neuroscience and medical science into your work as a coach
  • Develop additional skillsets and knowledge for developing visionary thinking for healing at times of health challenges
  • Learn to work with personal goals, emotions, and relationships in support of building a healing cycle
  • Specialize in stress management in your health coaching niche
  • Help your coachee to discover their healing potential and assist their ongoing learning and inner growth towards health and wellness
  • Create practices that support your own health as a coach and be able to self-coach through challenges allowing you to be at your best

Benefits of Building a Healing Cycle for Professional Development:

  • Discover and develop solution-focused communication skills supporting health and healing in the working environment
  • Recognize and empower the inner capacity for health and wellness in the team members and in clients
  • Expand skills in dealing with stress and challenging situations at a workplace
  • Learn to align personal values of health and healing with work purpose and goals
  • Support professional results by merging the people’s quest for personal health and wellbeing with the vision and values of the company

Benefits of Building a Healing Cycle for Personal Development:

  • Foster self-care techniques to enhance your own inner stability when working with a variety of emotional facets
  • Recognize and develop your own key inner habits for generating a healing cycle
  • Gain inner resourcefulness in alleviating stress to support healing
  • Think about healing from a scientific perspective
  • Learn to increase your mental well-being with increased self-awareness and creativity, and build a positive future at times of challenges to physical health
  • Apply healing metaphors to the inner personal healing development journey
  • Foster shifting from reactive to reflective mindsets in support of healing
  • Foster healing interpersonal communication during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and any calamites
  • Integrate your own inner ecology with holistic human development discoveries and demonstrate ecological thinking as a key area of your life


The course curriculum is divided into 3 levels

Level 1: Promoting Health & Healing by Coaching

You will learn about the role of health coaching in healthcare systems and about its place in helping professions outside healthcare. You will discover a helpful map called the ‘logical levels of freedom’, which supports and outlines a way of developing inner resourcefulness at times of health challenges and will learn the impact of coaching-style communication in fostering health, healing and well-being. This is further supported by expanding your insight into contemporary neuroscientific evidence that outlines the links between coaching communication and brain and mind functioning.

Level 2: Doorways to Healing & Wellness

After exploring the impact of coaching-style communication on healing, you will find a way to connect to the ‘healing cycle’ paradigm to assist your clients to uncover a strong sense of wellbeing. You will learn to support your clients in discovering their motivation towards building their own inner healing cycle and moving beyond obstacles and fears. You will discover how searching for opportunities for wellness, acting on wellness, and connecting to others through wellness support your life legacy and purpose.

Level 3: Building Positive Futures through Healing

This Level is designed to expand your creativity in using imagery and visualization towards initiating and maintaining healing processes in yourself and your clients. You will explore how mental imagery supports physical health and wellbeing and will learn to use healing metaphors for personal health and empowerment. Finally, you will discover ways to build balance at challenging times and to move beyond difficulties with a sense of gratitude and inner peace.

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