The Leader as Coach program delivers a coaching culture breakthrough in 3 days onsite or 26 hours online. This is followed by a 45-day follow-up program that integrates learning and results. The approach introduces a powerful methodology and process that drives strong hands-on learning with integrated breakthrough projects.

We focus on a foundation of skills and a universal process that allows team members to manage people, projects, and teams using simple coaching conversations and manage day-to-day projects in a wide variety of settings. We work with carefully selected projects and teams to maximize program impact. Most of all, our Leader as Coach is designed to align with existing company goals, organizational strategy, and the executive leadership culture.

What is the Q MODEL?

The Q Model is a simple approach to having powerful conversations that drive breakthrough business results.

It is a system that naturally scales, so you can use the Q Model to transform the results of people, teams, projects, and companies.

The Q Model is highly integrated, with each and every element interwoven into the whole.

The Q Model is a map for business and people transformation, where everything fits naturally.

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